Before crossing the bridge into this world, I pastored in the local church for nearly 20 years. I was on staff at Newsong Church (Orange County, CA) where I had 6 different pastoral roles in 10 years - from youth ministry to executive pastor. Prior to Newsong, I was involved in Willow Creek Community Church’s youth ministry for 7 years.

  • In 2014 I became a certified coach through the Center for Advanced Coaching.
  • My first book, Redefining the Role of the Youth Worker: A Manifesto of Integration is a compelling vision for the church’s role with teenagers.
  • Over the past 4 years, I've developed coaching cohorts all over the country, coached nearly 200 youth workers, and have co-trained 15 leaders who coach through the 1-on-1 coaching platform. 
  • I've participated in Fuller Youth Institute’s Advisory Council since their formation (2007) and have been heavily involved in the Sticky Faith movement on every level. Currently, I'm an FYI Certified Coach and Trainer, which basically means I'm all about helping churches lead through the change process so teenagers love Jesus for a lifetime.
  • Currently, I'm the Lead Coach for The Youth Cartel, coaching youth workers all over the country through the Youth Ministry Coaching Program (YMCP).
Married since August 2001.

Married since August 2001.


On a personal note, I'm a total girly girl, read more than I can put into practice, and work many nights from my bed while Netflix is playing in the background.

I'm an Enneagram 8 (7 wing). I've never met a challenge I didn't love.

I've fallen in love with running and yoga. My heart has been created for Southern California and Africa. And my love for make-up and doTERRA essential oils is unparalleled. 

Interested in reading "25 Random but True" facts about me? They're pretty hilarious ... and embarrassing.


I'm  still entirely crazy about my high school sweetheart, Brian. We've been together over half our lives and he’s still my favorite person...no question! There's no one in the world who supports, cheerleads, challenges, and loves me like this man.  And he makes me laugh every day. There's so many things I wish I could tweet about the brilliant and hilarious things he says, but he'd probably kill me.

summer 2014.

summer 2014.

After a deep calling into international adoption and a subsequent excruciating infertility journey, we FINALLY became parents. In January 2011 we became a "forever family"  when we brought home the most beautiful Ethiopians, Judah and Addise. In a total miracle, 15 months later we welcomed bio son, Asher, into the world. Yes, you read that right. We went from zero to 3 kids in 15 months. Being a mom to these 3 little people has changed me at my core. Motherhood is simultaneously the best and hardest thing I get to do.

We live in Southern California. It's our happy place.