1 Year Anniversary!!

One year ago today Brian and I completed our initial online application to adopt with Christian World Adoption. It's hard to believe that happened 365 days ago!!

Much has changed since that day...
...so much healing in our lives - body, heart, and spirit
...Brian is less than 2 classes away from graduating from Biola (May can't come soon enough!)
...we decided on adopting 2 little ones, not just Baby Girl Ethiopia
...our house is physically more ready to bring home a couple little ones
...my ministry is way more prepared to be a momma and a pastor

Today, we find ourselves waiting for that much anticipated phone call when we learn the faces and stories of our babies. But for today, waiting is okay. We know there's a purpose in our waiting, so we are soaking it in and trusting God with every detail - large and small.

Thank you for walking with us this past year. And for those of you who've been a part of the years before our adoption started, you just get a closer and more real version of this story! Keep praying that these babies are connected to us SOON!

Happy Anniversary to us!!!