12 Days of Christmas :: My Calling

DAY 2 :: I am grateful for my calling and community.

I love my job at Newsong Church. I love who I get to work with. It's not a job so much as a calling, a place where I can bring my best and my worst. It's a place where my gifts are celebrated and explored and challenged. It's a place where I've grown considerably over the past 6+ years. It's a place I believe in so deeply because it's not just about who's "in", but it's more about who's "outside". It's a place the cares in word and action about the poor, widows, orphans, homeless, and the next generation. It's a place that embraces discomfort and pain and those who are different from you.

Today I am grateful that this place that I LOVE, also loves me as a pastor AND as a mom. I'm so grateful for the practical and generous ways they are gifting me with time away from my responsibilities in order to start off being a great mom. I'm grateful that the culture is one that values kids and will work with me to be an equally awesome pastor and mom. Indescribably grateful...