12 Days of Christmas :: Needs

Day 4 :: I am grateful for God giving me what I need.

Most of the time God's timing does NOT make sense to me. I wanted to be a mom 2 years ago. I wanted to have Judah and Addise home by my birthday [we didn't even get our referral until 1 week after my birthday]. I wanted certain house projects done months ago. Blah blah blah...
Today I'm grateful that God gives me what I need more than what I want. We could have been good parents 2 years ago. Things could have been fine if we had our referral earlier. Our house could have been more organized and purged earlier. Whatever. But I'm acutely aware today that God knows what I can handle, what I most deeply need, and will graciously give that to me. Even if I'm kicking and screaming when he gives it to me. He's just that good of a God.