2 Trips :: airline miles?

I've wanted to post this request for a long time, but have honestly been a little hesitant. Mainly because, "generosity" is a gross understatement of how friends and family have supported us financially to bring our babies home! [To be clear, it will end up costing approx $30,000 for the entire adoption]

BOTTOM LINE: it's gonna cost an additional $5000-6000 to travel to Ethiopia since we now have 2 required trips. [See the original post explaining "why" HERE.] The vast majority of that cost is in airline tickets.

I'm wondering if you would pray with us that God would provide the mileage or finances for this 2nd trip? And if you have the means, would you see if God wants to use you to help bring our kiddos home?

We've already had someone offer airline miles for 1 of the trips - amazing! We were/ARE overwhelmed that a couple who we've NEVER MET [I am friends with their kids] have offered their frequent flier miles for 1 trip. It's a regular reminder that God will provide and mobilizes his Body to care for orphans!

If you are interested, please send me an email or Facebook me. Thanks again for your prayers.