2nd Medicals - APPROVED!

We have approved our 2nd medicals in record time [not really, but it was quite quick!]!!! We talked through the new set of tests, lab reports, and exams with a great doctor-friend of ours today and sent in our official "YES" just a little while ago!

Now What? Lil' A and Baby T's paperwork will be completed, compiled with our dossier, and transfered to the Ethiopian courts. Then, we wait to be issued our 2 Ethiopian court dates after the courts re-open on September 30th.

Prayer Requests:

  • Our paperwork is ready to go - waiting in line - when the courts re-open on the 30th.
  • That we'd have 2 successful court dates by the end of 2010. It's ambitious, but possible with God! This would also mean that we'd travel to Ethiopia by the end of 2010. [Plus it's just a catchy saying...haha]

Thanks so much for praying them home. "Passing" these 2 medicals is no small thing and getting them completed in less than 3 weeks is borderline miraculous. I believe it's because of your prayers! Keep 'em coming!!!!