Adoption is a Sacrifice?

I'm learning so much about adoption as we're entering this world. It's like Pandora's box. On a weekly basis we're encountering someone who's adopted, someone who has a passion, someone who wants to help, someone with a resource to offer. It's quite overwhelming. The secret world of adoption... :)

Kathy Shin, an adoptive Newsong mom, gave me a new perspective a couple weeks ago that gave me an "aha" moment. She said, "Some people think that adoption is some big sacrifice that you make to bring a child into your home. But it's not. It's the largest blessing you'll ever receive." Wow. I don't think I ever thought about the sacrifice part of it (other than financial), but she's right. Immediately, I had tears in my eyes as I thought about how much this little girl is already teaching us, causing us to love her, changing our priorities. We're not making any sacrifices. She's blessing us.