Amazing Grace

Last night I watched "Amazing Grace" [linked above], which is about William Wilberforce's efforts to abolish African slave trade in the late 1700s. It was an emotional, gripping, heartbreaking, and profound movie. I was captivated by the connection between the classic hymn and this man's passion to bring justice to a global travesty.

The movie captured Wilberforce's heart, journey, and challenges as he faced incomprehensible opposition from "Christian" men in English parliament to bring humanity back to the slaves and re-instate their dignity, freedom, and respect. These quotes below echo my heart...

Africa, your sufferings have been a theme that have engaged & arrested my heart. Your sufferings no tongue can express.

How can we live in houses like this when others are living in boxes?

What inspired me the most is that an ordinary man responded to the cries of those who needed freedom. He used his privilege, his power, his passion, and his belief in a Just God to bring the necessary change to the world. I wonder what the world would look like if we all said "YES!" to whatever God asks of us?!?

y, slavery is a bigger issue now than it even was in Wilberforce's day - 200 years ago! A great organization that is making headway into solving this problem is Not For Sale. I'd encourage you to check it out. Who knows, you may be the next William Wilberforce.