Baby Bucket List

As we are in our last phase of waiting to bring home Lil' A and Baby T, Brian and I have been thinking and talking a lot about how we want to make the most of these remaining months of just the 2 of us. For lack of a better catch phrase, we've loosely constructed a bit of a baby bucket list. Clarification: we do not think there's a death in parenting, just a massive change in our 9+ years of married life!

What's on the list? I thought you might ask. I don't know if we'll be able to accomplish all of what we've dreamed about for time and money reasons, but here's an unofficial list in no particular order:

  • See as many movies in the theater as possible, even a few crappy ones!
  • Go to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and have dinner at Sevilla's, where we celebrated an anniversary a few years ago that launched us into a new way of partnership.
  • Drive to NorCal to visit our friends who recently moved to San Fransisco.
  • Overnight trip to Santa Barbara. [Brian's never been, and I only went for a day with my parents years ago. How that's possible, I have no idea!]
  • Visit a couple art museums in L.A.
  • Watch football all day on as many Saturdays as possible.
  • Sleep as much as possible, especially on the weekends.
  • Spontaneously go out with friends when the opportunity presents itself. [Brian's done that 3 times in the past couple weeks with buddies - including tonight. Love it!]
  • Go out for breakfast on a Friday morning a couple times.

Any suggestions? Do you have any plans like this for your life transition?

**BTW: we got 6 more pics of Lil' A this week for no particular reason.!!! He's just really, really cute! I can't get over how in love I am with this little guy and his little sister.