Best Mother's Day in the History of the World

What could be better than spending Mother's Day with my mom, brunch on the beach, celebrating with my hubby and 2 first born Ethiopian babies, getting a pedicure with my momma, and the grand finale...bringing home my baby boy from the NICU?!?!? Absolutely nothing. The day was pure perfection.

My mom and daughter at brunch. Addise refused to say "cheese". She's two.
View from our table at brunch. You can get a sneak peak of the ocean in this shot.
Brian knows how to celebrate me. I'm a much better mom because of him. After brunch Brian had scheduled pedicures for mom and me. What a treat before we went to get Asher.
The ones who made me a mom.
The one who made this day supernatural. All I wanted for Mother's Day is for him to come home. Miraculously he did.
Leaving the hospital to bring home Asher Zacarias after 3 weeks in the NICU. He is a "blessing" and "God remembered" all our prayers, indeed. His name is truly prophetic!
Home at last. Snuggling with momma.

Another post will have to reveal Judah and Addise meeting Asher for the first time on Mother's Day. We caught the entire moment on video. For now, let me just say - they LOVE their baby brother. Of course they are learning to share mommy with this 5 pound-something little guy, but they think he's a keeper. They constantly want to kiss him wherever I'll allow, touch him, and "hold it, mommy". :) They are fascinated with his dinosaur cries, itty bitty booty, teeny hands. Today I asked Judah who Asher looks like and he confidently said "Addise". LOVE.

Mother's Day 2012 - a day to remember with deepest gratitude.