Cause and Not Effect

I think we grow up with the notion that for every cause there's also a direct, proportional effect. Maybe it's true most of the time, but I don't think it's true in every circumstance.

For a long time after my infertility diagnosis, I felt like something was my fault. There was an explainable reason why I was diagnosed with PCOS. There was something I could have done different. Somehow it must have been my fault. If only I was less stressed, ate more veggies, exercised more, lived in cleaner air, took vitamins more regularly...if only.

But I've come to embrace the truth that not everything is my fault, or can be controlled. I live in a broken world. I am a broken person. I live with a broken husband. I serve with broken co-workers. Sin has messed it all up, and sometimes a simple cause and effect can not explain it all. It's simplistic to think so.

This whole idea brings me back to the truth from Romans 8:28 where God promises me that he will work everything together for good. That's a cause and effect that I can claim, remember, and celebrate. And it's not about me. It's about who my God is!