One of the beautiful things about adopting is that we have an opportunity to say to our little ones, "WE CHOOSE YOU! Out of every child in the world, you have been chosen for us and we have chosen you!" There's something incredibly powerful about being chosen...

  • Chosen for a dodge ball game
  • Chosen to be hired for a job
  • Chosen to be a part of a team
  • Chosen to be someone's spouse
  • Chosen to be God's child

The beautiful thing is that we are able to choose our Ethiopian babies because we have been chosen by a Mighty God to be a part of his family. THAT'S why adoption is more than a transfer of paperwork; it is a supernatural transfer in your soul!
A day will come (hopefully sooner than later!) that Brian and I will put this onesie on our little ones and speak into their soul, "I CHOOSE YOU...forever and ever!" Wow, this process is changing me.