Dossier to D.C!!!

Today was a monumental, mystical, supernatural, out-of-body day!
OUR DOSSIER IS HEADED TO D.C for the final authenticating process!

After 4 months of diligent, belaboring work compiling 2 separate documents representing every area of our life, bodies, and souls, we are finished with our paperwork!

Now What? We wait for our agency financial balance (approx $6500 right now) to be rectified before our dossier will be shipped to Ethiopia. At that point, we'll be on the wait list!!!!

Protection of our oldest child - he/she is alive in the world out there...waiting for us.
Our grant requests to be expedited and our $6500 will be met within the next 2 weeks. (Bold Prayer!)
We would wait patiently and prepare diligently.