Ethiopian T-Shirts

Last year for my birthday my dear adoption momma friend, Erin, got me this t-shirt reminding me that I AM a mom to 2 kids on the other side of the world. Of course, I cried. And I've worn it on days when I've been hopeful, sad, longing, or just missing our kids.

Since then we've bought and given away a number of this style of shirt to friends and family. They have a variety of t-shirt brands, colors, and styles, and in every "family" term you need. I think they make a pretty darn good gift. I don't get any kickback on these shirts, but I wish I did because they are so great.

Today, was my dear friend, Cassidy's birthday. Today we officially invited her to be an "auntie" to our little ones. It's one of the ways we are inviting people into the village to raise our little ones, and also to say "thanks" to the friends who've supported and loved us through this crazy long journey. Happy Birthday, Cassidy!