First Family Vacation - Advice?

Next week we are headed on our first family vacation!!! I know, I know. I just got back from maternity leave. But a combination of perfect storms came together for us to pull off this nearly free 10-day vacation to one of our favorite spots in the world - Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Sure, it's not Bora Bora, but this place holds a deeply meaningful place in our hearts. Someone in my family owns a GORGEOUS penthouse condo on the Beach. Nearly 10 years ago when Brian and I were poor and newlyweds, we went here for our wedding. We fell in love there together - with the condo and our marriage - and have been back multiple times since. The condo has become a place of refueling, rest, recalibration, reconnection, and just FUN. I know it's silly to go from the beach on one coast to the other, but trust me - this beach is different from the chilly, choppy SoCal ocean.

This time we are taking our children.
It is our first family vacation and we are gitty. We've never been to the condo with our kids. We've never vacationed with them. We realize this will be a very different kind of vacation for many, many reasons, so we'd love some input from y'all about what to do, no do, expect, pack, travel, etc. I was prompted to ask for some help especially after reading a new friend's post regarding her vacation last week.

PLEASE help a girl out. :)