Good Night Sweetheart

My kids are creative sleepers. We quietly tiptoe into their room every night before we go to sleep to check on them and cover them one more time before Brian and I go to sleep. Most nights we choke back chuckles at the positions we find them in.

Here's some pictures we've been accumulating...ENJOY!

That chubby hand...those lips!

She's oh-so flexible

Stuffed animals everywhere!

When Judah was sleeping in our room in the pack-n-play.
That's gonna hurt in the morning!

Free as a bird

My bald boy testing the sturdiness of his toddler rail.
Stuffed animals strewn everywhere!

How he got his lion on his back I'll never understand.

Huggin' the leopard and hurtin' the breathing!

Wide open!
Sleeping in the exact opposite end of the crib she started in.

Going for a run with daddy is very boring