Grandparent Resources

[dad, mom, and me a few years back]

My parents are pretty freaking great for a thousand reasons. But I've come to love them more throughout our adoption process. They are SOOOOOOO excited to become grandparents to 2 little Ethiopian babies. They read every blog post without exception, and my mom cries at every blog post without exception! They have given beyond comprehension to our process. They bought Christmas gifts for our kids last Christmas. They pray for our little ones and us more than I'll ever know. And they believe these grandchildren will fully be their grandchildren.

Recently, my dad and I exchanged a handful of vibrant emails about how they can be part of our "village" and how they need to grandparent our kids. I didn't have many answers of what they need to do. I mainly just told him all the things he can't do and how adoptive parenting is "specialized parenting" - different from how he'll grandparent his first grandchild, Jack. He wasn't satisfied with my answers. Very my dad.

So, I pointed him to our case manager, who pointed us to a resource specialist. She gave the following list for grandparenting. I haven't looked at anything specifically [I've got my own stack of books to read!], but I trust this source. Hopefully they'll help you and your "village".

If you have any great grandparenting resources - articles, websites, cliff note versions to books - please let me know! I'd love to give them to my parents.