Happy Father's Day, Brian!

As far as I'm concerned, this is Brian's first Father's Day!!! In recent days, I've seen a shift in my husband of 8 years. It's a shift toward being a dad, and I love it. Today I want the world to know why I know my man is going to be the best dad...

  • He is faithfully working through his own junk so he can be the best dad possible
  • He loves his baby's momma (ME!) and I know he's committed to keeping our marriage strong
  • He's committed to parenting together - all of it - playing, discipline, time spent with our child, changing diapers, feeding, middle of the night checks - all of it!
  • He's learned the good and bad of fatherhood from his own dad
  • He's so loyal and committed to the people he loves most
  • He's been on quite a journey learning how to be a dad
  • He's silly and playful when he wants to be
  • He LOVES Disneyland (yeah!)
  • He works hard to protect our family
  • He is a great balance of playfulness and boundaries
  • He'll be more of a father than a friend
  • He's not afraid to ask for help or say "I need..."
  • He's proactive in learning from other dads and adoptive parents
  • He's totally supportive of what I need to be and do to be a great mom

Honestly, this is just the beginning of his Daddy Greatness. I can't wait to see him in this new role.

Happy "Ah-BHAT
's" Day [Amharic language], Baby. I can't wait to be parents together. I love you!