I love their hair!

Since I was a very little girl I've LOVED my hair. I wouldn't let my mom do my hair starting at - oh - 3 years old?!?! Needless to say, I had many-a-year that my hair didn't look so good. My school pics prove it. So because of my long and passionate history of doing hair, one thing that I've been SO excited about since we started adopting Baby Ethiopia [when we were just adopting 1 infant girl], is learning to do her hair. My hair is very different than my daughter's will be, but I can't wait to do hers and celebrate our differences. This video from my friend's blog today, made me chuckle. And made me so excited for her hair!

** For all you other adoptive parents, feel free to post on your blogs, too. I know you'll wanna! Please just link to my blog. :)