Little Ethiopia

While I was in D.C. I met up with some friends [Jen & Jay Howver] and their 2 beautiful daughters. They adopted the girls from Ethiopia a couple years ago. The Howver's have been very influential in our process - affirming the decision to move forward in adoption, choosing our agency, and speaking into the 1 v. 2 debate. I'm grateful for them.

We had a delicious dinner in Little Ethiopia and discussed their journey with the girls, becoming parents, and how it's impacted their marriage. They are very fun, insightful, honest, real, and gracious people. They are also fantastic parents! I could see our story through their story. I could see what our life will look like in a matter of months. I could see how their 2 personalities and parenting styles will likely foreshadow our own. And they gave me a lot of the clarity I've been needing.

Thanks, Jay & Jen. Looking foward to being Ethiopian parents with you!