Patience is NOT my Virtue

If you know me (April) very well, you know that patience isn't my thing. I don't like it. I don't like waiting. I don't like people not doing their jobs. We are working on our paperwork for our home study and I KEEP encountering problem after problem with our bank. I'm about ready to quit our bank because of this! All we need is a verification that we are in good standing with our bank. It should take about 15 minutes. Instead, it's taken 3 1/2 weeks and over 5 hours on the phone with "customer service representatives". I use that term loosely.

My temper was also loose 2 weeks ago when I hit my first wall with the bank. This crazy verification has held up our home study, and I couldn't handle it. Brian wisely, gently, firmly told me that my freak out probably didn't have as much to do with the "customer service rep", and probably had more to do with something(s) else. He's right.

I got tired of waiting. I lost my patience. Already, this parenting this is hard. But, as you'll see in an upcoming post, it's teaching more more about myself and the kind of mom I want to be.