Plan A

Last Sunday night in our orphan care support group (including parents who are fostering, adopting domestically or internationally, or mentoring children in the social welfare system), I was challenged and inspired with a couple truths...

"Orphan care is not a cause or a fad, it's a calling and a biblical mandate." -Rick Warren. I was reminded of how biblically entrenched caring for orphans is. It really isn't an add-on bonus if you are a Christian. It's a core principle. Look for yourself. Examine Scripture [Deuteronomy, Psalm, Isaiah, James, & 1 John to get you started]. Study biblical characters [Moses and Esther will get your started]. Seriously, if you're anything like me, once you start exploring Scripture with these eyes you'll wonder how you've missed it all along!

The church is God's Plan A for eliminating orphans globally. And there isn't a Plan B. God didn't come to start non-profit organizations. Those exists, thankfully, because the church hasn't been doing what she's called to do - caring for the least of these [Matthew 25]. It's a dream of mine that orphans would cease to exist in my children's generation. If the church rose to the call and invited orphans into their families, children without families would cease to exist!

God saw me and he chose to use me. When our leader, Joan, called this out I burst into tears. Who am I that God would choose to use us? I'm grateful that we agreed with him and said "yes" to his call. God sees you, too. What's he choosing to use you for in caring for orphans?
If God has really called ALL of his people to care for orphans, that means he's calling you to do something. It's not optional. How will you respond?