Plan A

"I think we may adopt an African baby even before we have our own kids." I told a good friend that over 6 years ago when I first felt my heart pulled toward adopting. Little did I know that my flippant statement was actually prophetic.

I always thought that the journey to become parents would be pretty easy; it's the parenting that would be hard! Again, little did I know. After nearly 2 years of trying to get pregnant and 1 year of extensive medical treatment, we have learned that sometimes getting pregnant can be really hard. Brutally hard. Indescribably painful. I always believed that Plan A was having biological children.

I've been very wrong. At this point in our roller coaster journey, I have learned that Plan A is God's. Plan A is adopting a baby. Plan A is more than I could have wanted or believed in.

So begins our journey to becoming parents. Are we overwhelmed? Yes! Are we stretched? Yes. Are we filled with hope, joy, and expectancy? Yes a thousand times.