Prayer Points Answered!

Why should I be surprised? We have the best family and friends praying us through this process! Here's the update:


  • Protection of our oldest child - he/she is alive in the world out there...waiting for us. Ongoing prayer!
  • Our grant requests to be expedited and our $6500 will be met within the next 2 weeks. (Bold Prayer!) ANSWERED!!!! God's provided over & above this request. Thank you oh-so much to those of you who've given to our babies. We also received our first grant for $2500 today!!!
  • We would wait patiently and prepare diligently. It's happening! It's going to be a couple more weeks before our dossier can be sent [money transferred], but it's happening and we feel peaceful about waiting almost a month extra [between when our dossier was ready to send and when it actually will be sent].