This morning my mom and I went to see Asher. Her first meeting of her newest grandson. :)

Within minutes the nurse told us that Asher's blood sugar levels have self-regulated!!!!!!!!!!!!! His sugar IV was removed and he is now IV free. MIRACULOUS! Somehow between when we saw him Saturday afternoon and yesterday his insulin and blood sugar levels reversed and his body is doing what it's supposed to!!!! I almost lost it. Regulating his sugar-insulin levels was the biggest deterrent to him coming home.

Next Goal: sucking, swallowing and breathing from a bottle 8 times in a row successfully (we can supplement with breastfeeding, too). Today he took 1/2 his feeding successfully from a bottle. The nurses and OT will keep working with him on this combo. When he accomplishes that – ASHER COMES HOME!

I told his doctor today that we've had LOTS of people praying for Asher and he said, "that's good". :) I also informed him that Asher will be coming home before 37 weeks. He chuckled and said "sounds good. Alright." In my momma-opinion, he could come home in the next week. That's my hope.

Keep praying people!