Running for Wholeness

Early this fall my hubby set out on a personal mission: complete his first half marathon. Instead of running just for a fit body [which he already has] or personal accomplishment, he's running for Team World Vision to raise money for our friends in Nkhoma and Chilenje, Malawi. His goal is to raise $1000 and he's currently raised $738.21.

This Sunday, Brian will be running his first half marathon but not without some drama. This is what Brian posted this morning:

"So, last Thursday I rolled my ankle avoiding a lady walking her dog on the sidewalk. Mind you, that was 10 days before my half marathon that is coming up this Sunday! [The pic was taken this morning after 3 full days of rest.] Thankfully, I'm on the mend, and I'm still as motivated as ever to complete the run! Please consider donating to my World Vision run. The money goes to a great cause - building wells for folks in Africa who do not have access to one of the biggest things we take for granted, clean water. Any amount will help. I hope to have your support. Click on THIS LINK. Thanks!

Oh, by the way, I did run this morning with almost no pain! So I will be running for your $$$!"

Sunday also marks 1 year since we landed at LAX with our little Ethiopians and began life together as a family. I can't think of a better way to celebrate our 1 year together than for Brian to run for other orphans in Malawi.

Proud of my man! Could you support him?