This week we celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family in Portland, and we couldn't help but to hope that next Thanksgiving we'll have our little ones celebrating this American holiday with us. Oh, that will be a great Turkey Day!

In the meantime, I've been thinking about all I'm thankful for this past year when it comes to our adoption.
Here are a few thoughts:

  • I'm grateful for a husband who's been ever-loving, patient, tender, strong, and wise as we've totally partnered through our infertility and adoption process.
  • Thankful that God clearly led us to adopt 2 little ones, instead of just 1 baby girl.
  • Oh-so grateful for Betsy, Erin, and Christina who threw us our first 2 [donation] showers.
  • Overwhelmingly thankful for the generous outpouring of donations to help us bring our babies home. We still can't believe so much was given so sacrificially and freely!
  • Exceedingly thankful for my parents who've been so generous, supportive, and with us every step of our journey. Tears even as I type means so much to have parents who still parent me as an adult.
  • So grateful for the phone calls and emails I've received from those who share a similarly agonizing, painful journey that leads to so much inner change and joy. I'm grateful God's allowed me to be a part of your story!
  • I'm humbled and grateful for God's patience with me as I take 2 steps forward and 1 step back in this transformation journey.

...FINALLY, I've been so grateful for YOU - friends, family, and those I've never met - sharing in this journey on our blog. Thank you!