Tukula (we grow)

I am ALWAYS on the look out for gifts that represent my heart for Africa, specifically widows and orphans. I love giving gifts that in turn bless the designer, creator, and developer of those gifts...not like Steve Jobs. But like widows and the poor. I'm a fan when the products I purchase go towards building a more sustainable way of life for those who don't have basic necessities like clean water and immunizations.

I've kind of felt like I've exhausted those ideas in the past few years through gifts from Product RED, Ethiopian t-shirts, Gobena coffee, pajama pants, jewelry, etc, but I'm always excited when I find a new idea for my friends and family. NOTE: these are still great ideas that I plan on continually using, but for those who've already received these gifts a time or two, I like to mix it up!

ENTER TUKULA! This organization offers such great ideas for purses, clutches, wallets, and messenger bags. They are incredibly reasonably priced, and provide great ongoing resources for women in Uganda.

**Warning: you may receive a gift like this in the months to come! Yeah for Christmas!!!