What I Most Want to Say...

We've been home with Judah and Addise for exactly 1 week and what a week it's been!! I've been well informed by our faithful blog community that blog posts are eagerly awaited. I know you most want to hear how the trip to Ethiopia went, what our first days as a family in Addis were like, what the trip home was like [one word: HARD! I will blog more on this], what Judah and Addise are like, see pictures and videos [we have LOTS!], and maybe you're even wondering how Brian and I are holding up. I hope post ad nauseum - mainly for Judah and Addise's sake one day - but today I want to start with the one thing I can't get off my tired momma brain.

My greatest hope and prayer is that our adoption
will cause many of YOU to adopt.

A long time ago I sensed that our adoption wasn't just about the 2 kids that would become Diaz's. I wasn't thrilled about the idea because it was so personal and because I had a sense that some things were taking longer so that God could pull more of your hearts into our story. A while back I accepted the reality that our story was larger than our little family. While I'm honored, moved, and humbled that so many of you [some I don't even know, others I've known forever but haven't walked with in years] have followed our journey, I desperately hope our story and Judah and Addise's homecoming irrefutably compels many, many of you to bring orphans into your family.

I haven't been shy about calling people toward caring for orphans. I firmly believe that ALL Christ followers are called to care for orphans in some way, shape, or form. [I believe that Christians could solve the orphan problem if we would just respond.] But I deeply hope beyond all hope that more Christians will respond to welcome the orphan into their family and call them "my child". I pray you'll go all the way. I believe that some of you are called to adopt, and I hope you will. I hope you will trust God with your fears, the finances, the barriers. I hope you will say "yes" to one of the most amazing journeys you could experience in life. I would wish adoption on anyone. Clearly it has utterly changed us. MUCH LOVE, my faithful blog friends!!! The best is yet to come...

Welcome home, Judah and Addise!