Women in Youth Ministry Campference
Mar 30

Women in Youth Ministry Campference

  • Country Lake Christian

A unique event for women in youth ministry - pastors, directors, volunteers - any female who serves in youth ministry is welcome!! This will be our 3rd annual gathering.

Find out more about our location here: http://countrylake.org/.

The Youth Cartel / Praying Pelican Mission's Trip
Jun 30

The Youth Cartel / Praying Pelican Mission's Trip

  • Chicago, IL

At a Glance

  • Trip Dates: June 24, 2017 – June 30, 2017
  • Cartel Staffer/Speaker: April Diaz
  • Minimum Group Size: Minimum Group Size: 8
  • Maximum People on this Trip: Maximum Total Size: 80
  • Cost Per Person: $495 plus $500 group registration fee

For More Info! https://theyouthcartel.com/mission-trip/chicago-2017/

YMCP Indiana Cohort
Jan 18

YMCP Indiana Cohort

  • Granger, IN

First meeting for The Youth Cartel's new Indiana Cohort!! 10 fantastic leaders coming together to get better in life and leadership

ECC Triennial 2016
8:00 pm20:00

ECC Triennial 2016

  • Sheraton Kansas City Hotel


Journey together as women of the Covenant to an intentional spiritual adventure where we connect with God and one another across generations, cultures, geography, and life experience.

Triennial is meaningful worship, thought-provoking speakers, challenging learning experiences, heart-pumping excursions, life-altering spiritual experiences, and opportunities to take next steps in addressing injustice in our world.

"That Thing" Summer Camp
Jul 15

"That Thing" Summer Camp

  • Epworth Forest Conference Center

FOR MORE INFO: http://thatthingevent.com/

A Missional High School Event

We’ve had enough of the world telling us how we should think, what we should feel, and how we should act.  We’re done feeling like our talents and gifts are not enough. Like we're not pretty enough, smart enough, or good enough. We’re through believing that we’ve made too many mistakes, that the power of Jesus’ love isn’t enough to redeem us.

We’ve had enough of the world’s standards and rules, enough of it’s selfishness and injustice. We’re done being told that we can’t change things, that we can’t make a difference in our world because we’re not old enough or wise enough or powerful enough. We’re through seeing children go to bed hungry, watching young teens be sold into sexual slavery, hearing of people dying from dirty water that fills their body with disease.


We know the solution.

Jesus Christ is enough. His love is enough. It’s enough to bring new life. To bring joy to the hopeless and peace to the hurting. He is enough to empower us - to create in us a new being, to send us out as warriors, to fill us with compassion for the broken and courage
to create great change. Jesus’ blood is enough to redeem us. All of us

Granger Community Church
Jun 26

Granger Community Church

Forbidden fruit is always within reach. And all of us have taken a bite and tried to hide it. It’s human nature.

What happens when we try to hide our mistakes and vulnerabilities from each other? From God? It takes an incredible amount of energy to hide our true selves, to banish our fear and disguise our doubts. What could happen if we stopped the work of hiding and began the work of uncovering a relationship with God we were designed to have from the very beginning?

Join us as we launch into a new series to get at the core of letting God love us and meet us just as we are—still naked and afraid. (Fig leaves not included.)

  • Hiding Ourselves - June 4/5
  • Hiding Our Doubt - June 11/12
  • Hiding Our Potential - June 18/19 (Featuring special guest speaker, author Stephen Mansfield)
  • Hiding Our Treasure - June 25/26
4:00 pm16:00


  • Holland, MI

MOVE is a five-day program for high school students to experience God. Each week includes daily devotional times, nightly worship celebrations, community discipleship and challenging messages.

Register here!! https://www.ciy.com/move

Women in Youth Mnistry Campference
Apr 15

Women in Youth Mnistry Campference

  • Montreat Conference Center

We’re back.

Last April, we had our first Women in Youth Ministry Campference ever.

And it rocked!

In the beautiful surroundings of North Carolina, we celebrated life and leadership as women in youth ministry…together. We learned from gifted speakers and from each other; we worshiped together. We laughed, cried, and prayed for each other. We went running, hiking, exploring, or simply sat in the sun. We learned new skills and remembered why we do what we do. We found community, togetherness. We found we weren’t alone.

We roared. 

And we’re ready to do it again…the same but different. Will you join us?

We invite you to our second Women in Youth Ministry Campference from April 13-15, 2016. Our location this year is the stunning Montreat Conference Center in Montreat, North Carolina, nestled amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains (“campference,” by the way = the best combination of camp + conference). We will gather with women from all over the country, from all different denominations and backgrounds to share our lives in ministry.

We can’t wait to meet everyone again who was there with us last April, but we look equally forward to seeing many new faces. If you are a woman in youth ministry, this is your place to be. You belong with us.

Let’s start the countdown!

Women of Joy Annual Retreat
Mar 19

Women of Joy Annual Retreat

  • Shanghai, China

I get to speak to a group of expat and Chinese women in Shanghai, China. 

The theme this year is PATIENCE (something I get to practice more this next year)!! What's beautiful is that the whole church has a vision for the coming year of "beholding the New things". Leaving the old to embrace New. These are most definitely things I've journeyed in understanding. Cannot wait!

Pursue Christ Teen Conference
Feb 28

Pursue Christ Teen Conference

  • Hilton Harrisburg

This world can feel like a messed up place.

Watching the news for five minutes can cast enough doubt,
discouragement and despair to make you want to hide in a corner.

But we can’t hide.

Because the bad news isn’t just on the news.
It’s in our lives. In in our schools.
On our busses.
In our groups of friends.
In our homes.

When we’re forced to confront a world that’s spinning out of control,
when our grip on sanity and reality and stability grows weak,
when the light of the gospel feels like a faint flicker,
what do we do?

There is Hope.
A stable Anchor.
A North Star.
A calm Voice that pierces through the storm.

This Hope that rises from Despair is waiting for you.

Discover more at PURSUE 2016.

Generation to Generation Conference
1:30 pm13:30

Generation to Generation Conference

Does your church include people from every generation? We’re guessing it does! Do you wish your ministry teams and leaders worked better as teams? We’re guessing you do! And we’re guessing you want to know how to provide the best faith formation opportunities for each generation at your church. Well, here’s the good news: Generation to Generationwill help you understand how to do that! 

In this FREE 3-hour online conference, you’ll hear from national speakers on some of the most current research and best practices in the church today. We’ll be discussing a wide variety of topics that include parenting, marriage, mentoring, adolescent development, church-wide programming, age-appropriate ministries, intergenerational ministries, senior citizens, and much more.

Nov 7

The Summit

  • Belmont United Methodist Church

A Creativity Sparker. An Idea Stirrer. An Insight Inviter.

That’s what The Summit is all about.

We’re all for practical training, but training is not really the focus of this event (there are other events that do that really well). Instead, The Summit is intentionally designed to stir your youth ministry imagination and assist you in discerning God’s leading for your wonderfully unique expression of youth ministry.

Visit the website for more info and to register!



Youth Ministry has ’em. In our collective “room,” that is. They’re wandering around, taking up space. We avoid these topics, either because we’re unsure how to respond, or we’re afraid of the implications connected to addressing them.

At The Summit this year, we’ll address three of the Elephants in the Room of youth ministry. And while we’ll still utilize the TED-talk format that has made The Summitso unique and valuable, we’re going to dive a little deeper on these three topics. Each one will be addressed from multiple angles, not in attempt to solve them; but with a desire to fully see them. Our hope is to provide a context for you to address these issues in your own context, your own theology, your own story.

Each of these sessions will be curated by a brilliant mind who will help us shape the dialogue. Here’s our session curators: Dan Kimball, on the elephant of Evangelism and Apologetics; and April Diaz on the elephant of Immaturity and Transition in Youth Ministry; Ginny Olson on the elephant of ministry to LBGT teenagers; and closing with Jon Huckins on Elephants as Formation Instigators.

Oct 28

Slingshot Group Annual Staff Retreat

  • Dana Point, CA

I'm in love with the work I get to do with Slingshot Group. These people are the real deal and I love how we get to walk alongside candidates and churches to help them toward the next level.