Struggling to see your goals become reality? Feeling stuck? Not sure your best way forward?

The Global Fringe has a specific focus this season: Determine what you want. Then, define reality, design the plan, + do the work. Each episode features voices from the fringe who are living + leading toward fullness of life. I set the direction in this first teaser episode.The voices on the fringe of culture are the ones we need to be paying attention to the most. They are the ones shaping faith, culture, + community in ways that will lead us into the future. This podcast is a powerful way to connect you to those who are changing the world from the margins of culture. 

DREAM BIG. DO THE WORK. I’m launching Season 2 with In this mini-episode, you’ll get a teaser for the focus on this season. You’ll hear more stories from leaders on the fringe of culture showing us how to define reality, design a life we love, + do the work required to get us from here to there. Start dreaming! We’ve got amazing work to do together this season.

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EPISODE 19: Albert Tate
”Define Me With You”

Albert is respected as the lead pastor of one of the fastest-growing multiethnic churches in the United States, but this is not an interview of the shiny “successful” version of Albert.

I don’t care so much that he’s spoken on ginormous stages, had the ear of “influential” leaders, or contributes to important Boards. This conversation is about what’s the benefit if you gain the whole world and lose your soul. Leaders need to first define reality of their own soul, life, and wellness. As we define reality for ourselves first, it must extend to those they lead. Albert’s own internal journey lead him to leave what’s safe for a vision that compelled him toward more.

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Jennifer Guerra Aldana - The Global Fringe Podcast

EPISODE 20: Jennifer Guerra Aldana
Define Where You’re From”

Jenn Guerra has defined her present reality by living into the history of those who’ve gone before her. An Guatemalan immigrant to the U.S., a daughter of church planters, a bilingual pastor + intercultural leader today, she’s discovered the “beauty of particularity” in her story as she’s connected herself to the bigger story of where she comes from. We discuss the two questions you must answer completely if you’re going to live your life in all its fullness. She both code-switches + speaks prophetically for white people about how our privilege + place impact our ability to answer those questions. With passion + conviction, Jenn leads us into a deeper understanding of what faithfulness looks when you define who you are and where you’re from.

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EPISODE 21: Daniel “DK” Kim
Define the Lack of Diversity”

The Global Fringe - Daniel DK Kim

Fifty years ago Dr. King said America’s most segregated Christian hour in the week is Sunday morning. It’s 2019 and we have not come far enough. DK is a pastor who’s lead worship at two influential churches in the U.S., and has experienced being a leader on the fringe in a dominant white space. His immigrant family’s story alongside his international leadership journey has given him a unique global perspective. With a provocative voice with a commitment to building bridges from the dominant white space to the marginalized, DK pulls back the proverbial curtain around why there’s a lack of diversity in churches, what to do about it, and the ONE THING he’d tell leaders you need to do if you want to build more inclusive teams. A solid mixture of leadership challenge, practical personal ideas, and sharing our own friendship story, this episode will push any thoughtful leader or church to better reflect the image and nature of God in their context.

Check out the diverse team DK leads at Mariners Worship on iTunes/Spotify, particularly the album "A Death Like His", re-imagined songs for the lent journey.

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