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Please take some time to complete this form so I may better facilitate your requests. Completing this form is not a contract and does not guarantee availability for your request. Your thorough answers will greatly help my discernment and decision-making process.I will respond promptly with a follow-up email (usually within 2 business days).  If you have any immediate questions, let's Connect.

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Best phone number to reach you
I'm willing to work with you regarding an honorarium, but knowing an estimate helps me make decisions considering other ministry commitments and my family's investment. (NOTE: honorarium is in addition to travel expenses.)
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Travel Expenses Policy. 

  • If traveling by air, I’ll book my round-trip flights, and then will invoice for the airfare costs, which will be reimbursed within 30 days.
  • The sponsoring organization agrees to cover the cost of ground transportation to and from the airport or train station, hotel, and the location of the event. I will book my rental car at the best possible daily rate.
  • If I’m traveling to the event by car, my auto expenses (and any associated tolls) will be paid by the sponsoring organization at the current U.S. mileage rate.
  • If travel is required by any other means (rental car, train, bus, taxi, etc.) the sponsoring organization will provide reimbursement for those, as well.

Accommodations and Meals. The sponsoring organization will provide and/or pay for lodging and meals, including travel times. These may be provided directly by the sponsoring organization or reimbursed upon notification of such expenses. Unless otherwise agreed upon, lodging will consist of a clean non-smoking hotel room, single occupancy.

Deposit, Cancellation and Refund Policy. Upon booking, the sponsoring organization will be asked to submit a deposit of $250. Deposit is not refundable if sponsoring organization must cancel the engagement for any reason.*

Cancellation of this event by sponsoring organization less than 90 days from date of engagement will result in the loss of deposit and an additional cancellation fee of $250. If sponsoring organization cancels event, the sponsoring organization must also reimburse for any travel (i.e. purchased airline tickets, etc.) and other expenses that have been incurred for the particular event.

*Excludes cancellations due to inclement weather, illness or my personal family emergencies, acts of God, government regulation, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, or breakdown in travel services.

Audio-Visual. The sponsoring organization agrees to provide any AV equipment required to perform the requested service. IMPORTANT TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: I need to be able to place and use my laptop at my side throughout the seminar unless other arrangements are made in advance. Please have your technical team make the necessary arrangements, including having a VGA cable and sound cords at the podium. Please discuss in advance if you desire to record the training for any purposes.