3 months home!

Today marks 12 weeks since we've been home as a family of four. No small feat, if I say so myself. In celebration and commemoration of this special day, here are some facts about our first 3 months as a family...

  • 1 birthday :: We celebrated Addise's first birthday 3 weeks after we got home. Celebrating her birthday was a true celebration of life and growth in every way!
  • 26 lbs :: Both our kids weigh 26 lbs. Judah is 19 months older than Addise, yet they weigh the same. Yet Judah's moved from the 1% to the 10% in weight and Addise's grown from the 50% to the 95% in weight. Let's say the American diet is doing them good.
  • 12+ doctor visits in the past 12 weeks :: While our kiddos have been remarkably healthy, the scarce medical history and a few health issues have required us to make our doctor our best friend.
  • 6 teeth :: Addise graciously waited to cut her first 2 teeth until the week we got her. She's yet to reveal any more these past 2 months. Judah, even at 2 1/2 years old only had 10 teeth, but he's cut 4 more teeth! More seem to be emerging every week.
  • "Take them a Meal" :: The first 8+ weeks we didn't cook for ourselves. Meals and groceries were delivered multiple times a week thanks to our Newsong community and my family.
  • 3 weeks and 10 weeks :: The first 3 weeks we were home Brian graciously received time off of work. I cannot imagine that time without him!!! My job gifted me with 10 weeks off - 5 weeks totally off, 5 weeks slowly working my way back to full time. It was perfect...exactly what we needed!!
  • Family :: My family flew thousands of miles to spend a total of 20 days with us. Their posture was 100% of service and what was best for our kids.
  • 1 Getaway :: We took off on our first overnighter this weekend to San Diego and had a blast.
  • 1 Photo Session :: This week we were gifted with a family photo session. Not only did we capture Addise's first birthday, our 10th wedding anniversary, a handful of head shots for my speaking gigs, and MOSTLY our first professional pictures of our God-given family! [You gotta visit: http://www.hanachung.com/ to see our photographer's skills!]
  • Sign Language and Words :: Judah has acquired at least 50 words that he understands and a handful of sign language words [more, thank you, please, I love you]. Addise's learned the sign language too, and now says: more, daddy, Judah, I did that [so we think], hi, and occasionally - momma. :) Most encouragingly, Judah seems to understand most everything we say to him. Breathe...accomplishment!
  • First tattoos and piercings :: Just kidding. We're holding off on those for our kids. :)

All that on top of hundreds of kisses, countless moments of frustration, hours of lost sleep, endless giggles, ah-ha moments, hundreds of diapers, regular prayers for grace and mercy, confessions for forgiveness and help, hours of rocking babies to sleep, nightly wake-up calls for cuddles, calming or more Tylenol, a house littered with toys, cabinets and cupboards reallocated for baby products, shocking amounts of laundry...

...and a few tears in those heavenly moments when I realize "I'm a mom"
and "you are exactly who I prayed for". Our family is truly a miracle.