6 Months into the Process

I can hardly believe that we've been in the adoption process for 6 months already, as of September 2!! I can hardly describe the expectation, healing, peace, calm, and joy that these little ones have already brought to our lives in the 6 months of paperwork that is our current relationship with them. Tears...

Currently, our dossier is receiving approval at our agency, which will lead us to authenticating it with our state, federal government, and Ethiopian Embassy. Then...wait list! I can't wait until that day when we are on the wait list!

Until then, we are enjoying waiting by sleeping in on Saturday mornings, going to the movies whenever we want (wait...haven't done that in a while), not arranging babysitters, blasting Beyonce on our speakers, and doing errands in record time. Ah...all that will change soon enough.

Enjoying today...expectant for another day.