Baby Shower #2

Last month our small group (Erin & Tony Kim; Loc & Christina Ta) threw us a Baby Prayer & Donation Shower. It was 1 week into my Sabbatical, and I was just excited to see my friends and Newsong family. Around 20 of our friends showed up to hear our story, donate to our adoption fees, and pray for our process. It was a beautiful night. In a span of a few hours, over $2500 was donated to Baby Ethiopia.

Overwhelming. Beautiful. Inspiring. Humbling. Tearful. Joyful. Affirming. Encouraging. Envisioning. Generous. Sacrificial.

LEFT: Tony had everyone play a game of "how much do you love Brian and April" with questions related to our adoption process. I was amazed with how well informed everyone was!

A beautitful July night dreaming and sharing about Baby Ethiopia. Everyone also was invited to write prayers on a card with Amharic words of "peace", "hope", "joy", "love" to direct prayers! They also gave everyone a monthly prayer journey to guide prayers until Baby Ethiopia comes home.

BELOW: The crowning moment of the night: prayers from our friends for our little one. I lost it when Erin Kim started praying for protection over our little one wherever she is right now. The momma in me was overcome with emotion as I thought about her on the other side of our planet. It's changed how I pray now!
Thank you for coming and being a part of this journey.
Your love is changing us.