Blog to Book

I've been meaning to write this for a long time, but keep forgetting (do you know me? hahaha). Many of you have been so great about commenting on my posts - so appreciated! Mostly, though, people comment on my Facebook posts about the blog or email me responses back. And I haven't saved most of those comments.

SPECIAL REQUEST: A while ago I decided that I wanted to capture for our little ones the journey their parents were on to bring them home. Thus the blog. But beyond that, I want to re-purpose the blog into a book just for them to read someday. I want them to know how thought of, prayed for, longed for, hoped for, and dreamed of they were. I want them to see the thousands of people who helped bring them home via donations, prayers, blog hits, etc.

So, from now on would you post comments on my blog? I want for them to see your names, comments, prayers, and dreams for them, as well as what their momma wrote about them.

African villages get it right:
it takes a village to raise a child.
And we want them to know how big and loving their village really is!