I Love YOU!

My mom can't get enough of videos and pics of our kids. And why should she? We've been trying to make a few videos for just for her, per her request, so the other day I thought I'd put Judah to the test with his first sentence.

Before you take a look, we've been working on saying "grandma" and teaching him how to say "I LOVE YOU" in sign language. He got a little gangsta with it...which makes me a proud mama!

In other news, Judah busted out a few new teeth and more are coming in! He's repeating most things we ask him to say these days including: oatmeal, what's up?, Addise, patience [guess he's been hearing that word a lot!], bath, pee-pee, veggie straws, ball, and home. He's also become really great at saying his own name, which he says excessively and with pride. His vocab is growing leaps and bounds. Hard to believe that only 3 months ago he didn't know 1 English word.
Judah is a mix of the patient, helpful older brother,
and the one who leads Addise astray.

Hopefully, I'll get some more videos of him soon with some other words and sounds he's learned. He's exceptionally proud of his knowledge, but gets a little silly once the iPhone is brought out for performing. He is a goof, and we are astounded at his progress this past month. Happy and grateful!