Mother Teresa's Holy Discontent

I read most of Holy Discontent [Bill Hybels] yesterday on a 45 minute flight from Chicago to Indy. I've become more deeply stirred about the holy discontents in my life: African orphans, the next generation, and advocacy for women.

Apparently, one of Mother Teresa's first experiences with holy discontent involved Ethiopia. She was quoted on CNN saying,

"When I see waste, I feel angry on the inside. I don't approve of
myself getting angry, but it's something you can't help after seeing

This describes some of my heart when it comes to "why" are adopting. There's a waste of resources - time, money, house space, ability - in the U.S. and I believe we have a biblical responsibility to turn waste into blessing. I think when God Abraham that he was "blessed to be a blessing" [Genesis 12], he's still telling us that today.

Mother Teresa is wickedly challenging to me still. I waste food, paper, resources, and time nearly every day. I wish it made me angrier. Mother Teresa is a saint. I hope I keep learning how to turn waste into blessing.

I've seen Africa, and know that even our waste is needed in Africa. Can you turn your waste into blessing?