What Potty Training Reveals about My Soul

We are taking the plunge sooner than later into the terrifying world of potty training. We've decided, per our social worker's encouragement, to potty train both of them at the same time.

Typing those sentences terrifies me for so many reasons. I can only imagine the amount of rogue urine and feces that will show in places in our house beyond the toilet. I anticipate crying and screaming and exasperation from parents and children alike.

Truth-be-told, I'm most afraid of being incompetent and out-of-control and messy. I'm not just afraid of these things in potty training. I'm afraid of them in life. Yet if there are 3 descriptors of my life these days, those would probably illuminate how I feel many days in many contexts. And it brings pain.

And healing. And wholeness. And freedom...when I choose into dependence on God and the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.

So, in potty training and leadership and marriage and friendships and growth, I choose dependence and the way of Jesus.

Back to potty training. Your stories and encouragement would be ever-so-helpful for me as we approach this daunting task. Make us laugh and give us perspective, but don't scare the $*#@ out of us. That'll happen naturally. Your prayers would be equally appreciated. And if you want to buy me Chipotle, I don't think Baby Diaz #3 would say "no".

Here's to underwear!