World Vision Rocks!

One of the days in Malawi, we spent with World Vision. Rodney and Toko (Chichewe for grateful) were our guides (pictured). I was amazed by this organization. Sure it's the #1 NGO in the world, but they've earned it. What they do through child sponsorship of $35/month is remarkable and amazing. It's the best money we spend in a given month! That $35 doesn't exclusively go to providing for that individual child's needs, it goes to the entire village. That money truly does change a community. I saw the water wells, healthy children, newly built schools, and our sponsored children personally.

If you don't already sponsor a child, I'd encourage you to check out Y-Malawi and sponsor a child from the same village our sponsored child, Felesina (RIGHT), lives. It will be an incredibly wise investment.