Coaching Training for Spiritual Leaders

Learn Coaching Skills you can use in all spiritual leadership roles + Become a Certified Coach


October 28-30: Orange County, CA

DAY 1+2: 8:30am - 5:00pm
DAY 3: 8:30am - 3:00pm

*NOTE: Full payment at registration = $2500; 2 Payments (1 at registration and 1 at training event)= $2750


This 3-day training is an accelerated, intensive, and personally customized course for qualified spiritual leaders, in the church, non-profit sector, and business sector who approach their work as Kingdom work. The training is designed to support you in creating a framework to see transformational results in others.

Because we know leaders can only take people to place they’ve first gone themselves, these 3-days are designed to be a personal coaching intensive that will first catalyze your own growth. Beyond your personal deep dive, you will learn and experience the foundations of coaching, multiple models of coaching, the process of transformation, and managing the conversation with a coachee. This training is an advanced level, post-graduate style immersion into the people development process for learning and enhancing coaching skills. Included in the course are all materials and study documents needed during the workshop.

The Approach

This training is designed around relevant, action-oriented learning experiences to allow participants to gain deeper insights into coaching from the perspective of a coach and the experience of the individual being coached. With one-to-one guidance provided by the facilitators, they explore the use of the latest effective coaching technology and practices.

Learning modules are built around practice-oriented course material. Participants (as agents of change) examine and explore current coaching outcome research, frameworks for coaching work, and the relevant challenges they face in their ministry environments. The personal involvement of participants is a foundational stone of the program: they are enrolled in role-plays, discussing personal experiences, and open debate and reflectionon how some of the examined change interventions can be best applied to their coaching practice.

How You Will Benefit

As a participant of this workshop you will: 

  • Take your personal spiritual leadership to the next level

  • Learn the specialized competencies and frameworks for best practice, organizational coaching and apply them through hands-on learning

  • Learn how to employ the latest: evidence-based change technology (personal and organizational) and developments in leadership coaching

  • Practice the coaching skills of diagnosis, assessment, and developmental planning

  • Acquire a Coaching Practice Library containing an extensive toolkit, resources and other invaluable practice materials/forms

  • Change the way you lead your teams, staff members, and choose coachees in your ministry

  • Positively alter the leadership development in your ministry context

  • Identify the critical steps for building a professional coaching program

The Science, The Art, + The Secrets

The Science:  Everything we train you on is backed by research. We explore both the proven research-backed methodologies used coaches around the globe. We explore neuroscience and behavioral psychology and study the effects of both philosophy and cultural elements.

The Art: Because every relationship is an art unto itself, we create opportunities for participants to engage, experience, and apply new learning first hand. When you practice new tools and techniques you can bring your own elements to it and this creates even greater possibilities of transformation for your people.

The Secrets: We explore the intangibles and also the personal applications that coaches have and continue to use. This is about a very personal sharing of our own transformation walk and how that has influenced the work. We share our insights and personal life lessons. This is also where our foundational beliefs in God and the Word influence how we coach others.

The Bottom Line

What separates the Coaching for Spiritual Leaders Program from any other:

  • As a spiritual leader, you will learn how to apply the most powerful coaching core competencies, validated coaching change models, tools and techniques needed to coach.

  • Explore then coaching models and modalities that are being used by top executive coaches across the globe today.

  • You will positively achieve real sustainable, measurable change outcomes with your people and future coachees.


Graduates are able to participate in continued 1-to-1 post-course coaching with trainers as they apply the knowledge in "real-time" in their specific situation.

Graduates will receive a certificate from the Center for Advanced Coaching, which is globally recognized. 

Accreditation as a Spiritual Leader Coach from CAC

Some participants may be seeking recognition of their experience, training and skill level for their consulting and coaching work. Upon completing the training and subsequent 90-day efforts, and based upon the CAC recommendation qualified participants will receive acknowledgement for the Coaching for Spiritual Leaders Program from the Center for Advanced Coaching. This accreditation comes with personal endorsement of the Advisory Board of the CAC and opens opportunities for associate work with the Center.  

(NOTE: Coaching accreditation is different around the world. The Center does not accredit people on the basis of numbers of hours coached, nor on the capacity to meet a number of arbitrary criteria. The accreditation process is selective and is based on a holistic analysis of the individual’s claim to accredited Spiritual Leader Coach level.)


Registration Includes:

  • Pre-Course reading a preparation

  • 3 full training days

  • All materials needed during and after the training

  • 3 lunches during the in-person workshop

  • Two 60-minute post-training group webinars

  • One 30-minute post-training coaching call with your trainer

Full Payment of $2500* at registration
2 Payments of $1375* at registration

This fee does not include: Accommodations, Airfare, Additional Meals. No refunds except in case of emergency.

*NOTE: this training costs over $5000/person in the corporate sector



Hendre is a Global Executive Coach and Executive Development Professional.

He is the founder and chairman of the Center for Advanced Coaching (CAC) and the author of Shiftability, a book that encourages transformation of the workplace and provides a how-to set of tools.

CAC offers the very best advanced coaching tools to people developers globally, offerings include learning experiences on Behavioral and Competency based assessment Coaching frameworks on Advanced Performance Mastery and the Mastery of high-level Sales Coaching.

Hendre is the author of the 90-Day Turn System a Customizable Coaching Program Suite that can be adapted to any company or consulting firm’s needs and culture. This coaching structure has been used by Fortune 500 companies and dedicated consulting services firms to create a custom in-house coaching process.

Hendre’s experience varies from working as a facilitator for the integration between black and white youth in post-Apartheid South Africa, to negotiating mergers for large financial institutions, to developing performance-training modules for High Performing Traders on the NYSE and NASDAQ. His clients have included Microchip Technologies, API, Disney, ESPN, Estee Lauder, Revlon, New York Life, FedEx, NoRedtape, World Vision, Compassion International, and Kershner Trading Group.


April has been a visionary activist her entire life. April pastored in the local church for nearly 20 years. As a certified coach, over the last 5 years she's coached over 300 leaders to achieve more in their lives. She has made it her mission to lead high performing teams and develop leaders in the fringes of culture while caring for our bodies, mind, and spirit. Secretly, she’s a mix of a total girly girl and a tomboy, and is still crazy about her high school sweetheart, Brian. Together, they co-parent 3 fabulous kiddos and live in Orange County, CA.

Leadership Coach - April Diaz