Speaking can be transformative when it’s interactive and highly practical. There are some messages that are bursting in my soul and need to come out. And there are several groups of people who I'm particularly compelled to communicate. 

Speaking to 700 youth workers; previously given to 5,000 Compassion International staff globally.


A few of the leadership areas I'm most passionate about communicating:

  • Redefining the Role of the Youth Worker - vision from my book

  • Leading and Developing Teams

  • 360-Degree Leadership, especially Self-Leadership

  • Women in Leadership

  • Leading Change

Speaking at Granger Community Church


I believe in the Church. And I believe the church is better when women have an equal voice. I love adding value to the local church for their weekend services. Preaching God's Word is a responsibility I take with great care and joy. However I can join in on a current sermon series or contribute on a passion area, I love moving people closer to Jesus and who they were created to be.



I want to be an instigating peacemaker as I engage with the injustice of women’s contribution to the Body of Christ.

Women hold up half the sky. I love being a woman and I love the unique, powerful, and warrior voice God has given to women! I'm particularly enthusiastic to speak on our created identity as women leads us into powerful destinies (which is different from how the world and even the church has labeled us!).

I've spoken at numerous retreats with this theme: "EDEN: Becoming Whole-Hearted Women". It's not your traditional women's retreat focus.  “In the beginning”, Genesis opens time with “the way things were meant to be” and this image of a tree. That metaphor is used throughout Scripture as an image of life and connectedness to our Creator. Then, in the final chapter of Scripture, Revelation 22, God again uses the image of a tree as reminds his people that he will restore things back to “the way things were meant to be”. The ongoing redemption that we are a part of today will someday be completed and our created identities and destinies will be fulfilled.

This weekend retreat setting centers on the divine image of God that has been placed in all women has been seriously distorted by the world and church alike. To confine women to specific roles and “places” because of her gender does a significant disservice to how we’ve been created. God created Eve – and all women! – as "imago dei" and to be an ezer. We need to reclaim our created identities and destinies.

  • SESSION 1: She is your Ezer

  • SESSION 2: Becoming Whole-Hearted Women

  • SESSION 3: Coming to the Tree of Life

  • SESSION 4: Daughters of our Ezer

Speaking to 1,000 high school students at CIY MOVE


Teenagers are my favorite people group on the planet. They are curious, silly, energetic, passionate, and wild. They teach me so much about life and Jesus. 

I've been speaking to teenagers for my entire adult life - traveling coast to coast speaking at retreats, and even a few international gatherings. Teaching middle school and high school students remains one of my favorite audiences in the world! 


Retreats are the best because it's like a year's worth of ministry in one weekend. Rites of passages create powerful moment to move students from one phase to the next. Special events are fun to focus on a particular purpose or goal. Even weekly gatherings are important for connection, faith reminders, and incremental steps forward in the spiritual life.

PARENTS OF TEENAGERS (and those who love them).

Youth workers know that parents have a greater influence on the spiritual lives of their teenagers than our youth ministries. And we want to help parents be more effective in understanding their teenagers and staying relationally and spiritually engaged. But sometimes it’s difficult to know how to provide meaningful help that goes beyond keeping parents informed of camp deadlines and event fees.

That’s where I come in. 

Fuller Youth Institute Sticky Faith Parent Seminar is an excellent 2-hour interactive training that will help parents understand how to make lifelong faith stick in their kids' lives. We dive into 5 practical shifts parents (and those who love teenagers!) can make to deepen their kids' faith.