12 Days of Christmas :: Advent

Since today marks 12 days until we leave to get Judah and Addise, I decided [at 11pm...that's just how I'm working these days] that I'm going to post something I'm grateful for every day. It will serve as a countdown to getting our babies and a summary to the past 22 months of our adoption process.

Day 1 :: I am grateful for Advent.

Advent means "coming" or "arrival". It also implies waiting for the arrival and coming of the Messiah. This year, I'm grateful that our time to become parents has arrived. Two years ago this week we were mourning the news of another failed IUI treatment. We wondered if we would ever have a child. Christmas was more about Advent, about waiting, than it was about Christmas celebrations. We anticipated a Christmas where we could simply celebrate and not wait, not long for a baby's arrival, and anticipate healing.

This is that Christmas. We are filled with joy and celebration. And it has been worth the wait. I am grateful for the waiting because it has changed the way I celebrate, the way I cry, the way I understand others, the way I work, the way I rest. I am grateful for Advent, especially when Christmas is harder to celebrate.

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