7 Whole Months

Today my baby boy is 7 months old.

These days Asher's all about talking and laughing and smiling. Some of my favorite moments are when Judah or Addise goes over to him to "play" with him and inevitably they start giggling together. It's just the best thing a momma could ask for.

This has been a big month for Baby Asher. Here are a few highlights...

  • He moved from sleeping in the bassinet in our bedroom to (kind of) sleeping overnight in his crib...in the same room as his big brother and sister. Let's just say we're still adjusting.
  • He's rolling over and over and over again. Belly to back. Left and right. He's on the move!!
  • He's getting up on all fours and rocking. Crawling is coming soon. I can feel it.
  • The two things I hear most from others are "is he always this alert and active?" and "is he always this happy?" Yes and yes.
  • He's drooling like it's his full time job, but no teeth on the horizon.
  • There have been valiant attempts at eating rice cereal and many varieties baby food. He acts like we're feeding him poison. He's still just a milk baby.
  • He wants to be in on the action. We've noticed that when the party moves to another room without him he gets mad. We're seeing early signs of a temper. Yikes.
  • His new favorite activity: the exersaucer!!!!! The boy can spend up to a couple hours a day batting and chewing and spinning and bouncing. Proof of said activity below.
  • The kid doesn't do naps. Literally, he's into 20 minute power naps a couple times a day. We're currently experimenting with a new method to get him to sleep more, but he's a poor 3rd child with no hopes of a silent house for long baby naps. (sigh)
  • He's also talking ALL THE TIME! His "vocabulary" is expanding as he tries on new sounds, including screaming. It's so blasted cute I can't handle it.

This is a Getz family song. A song sung to me hundreds of times when I was little. A song now sung to my kiddos hundreds of times. Asher's now heard it enough that when I start singing it to him he smiles his big, open mouthed smile - every single time!

Momma's boy!!!!

He really is always this happy.


Ready to take Disney by storm.

On his first Thanksgiving. Dude loves this toy! Dig his baby faux hawk??

He celebrated his 7 month birthday by taking a 3 hour nap...MIRACULOUS!

Despite what we think we needed, God knew we needed this little guy. He's bringing immeasurable joy to our family, healing to our biggies, and deep nourishment to Brian and me. We are truly blessed the God remembered our prayers all those years ago and saw fit to bring us THREE beautiful babies.

I came into our bedroom to find our three kids had conquered Daddy.
I don't know what's cutest:
Judah placing his Dad's arm over him,
Addise as King of the Daddy, or
Asher rolling over onto Daddy's shoulder.

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