A Day of Indulgence

I quite possibly have the best staff in the world. For my birthday this week, my team got me a Spa Day of Indulgence at my favorite solitude location: The Montage at Laguna Beach.

For the past 5 years or so I've been coming to the Montage almost every month to create space to reflect, dream, and listen to God on matters of my life and ministry. I come here because the views are breath-taking and nature energizes me. I come to the same bench every month because it's now like holy ground with God. I come because I live at Mach 2 speed but want to live more centered and focused on eternal things. I come because I need the rest. I come because I want the people I lead to have more of this in their lives.

So, after my birthday lunch this week, my team said "Every month for the past several years, you've been coming to the Montage as an outsider looking in. Tomorrow we want for you to be on the inside. So tomorrow you will hang out at the Montage all day, get a massage, have lunch on the pool deck, and have sunset yoga facing the ocean." Are you kidding me!??! I still can't believe it. It was the most magical, exquisite day. **This DOES have an adoption application. Check out the pics first and then read about the connection.

Views from the spa pool deck...

The whirlpool with a sauna room, steam room, and plunge pool nearby...

The bathroom...
LUNCH! Ahi Tuna on field greens for an appetizer and Mahi Mahi sandwich. Delicious!!!

On my way to the beach, I couldn't stop singing "How He Loves Us" by David Crowder Band and "Oh How He Loves Me" by Rita Springer. I just couldn't get over how loved I felt by my team and by my God.

While at the Montage, I was thinking about that phrase "a day of indulgence". Indeed it was on every level. I wouldn't mind spending a day a week there. But I also thought about how indulgently God cares for me and our babies everyday. He's orchestrating lavish love on our entire family right now in ways that we know and do not. God can't help it. He's just an indulgent, extravagant, decadent God. Though our kiddos probably didn't spend yesterday at the spa on the beach, his love isn't limited to spa days. It goes deeper than that.

I'm so grateful for the day of indulgence yesterday and how God spoke to me about his love for us! Be indulged today by God's reckless love for you.


April L. Diaz

April has been a visionary activist her entire life. She has made it her mission to lead high performing teams and develop leaders in the margins of society while caring for our bodies, mind, and spirit. Secretly, she’s a mix of a total girly girl and a tomboy, and is still crazy about her high school sweetheart, Brian. Together, they co-parent 3 fabulous kiddos and live in Orange County, CA.