Bring Those Babies Home!

Well, we've been back from Ethiopia for 3 weeks now, and the most frequent question I'm asked is "when are Judah and Addise coming home!??!" I love the question because our community, friends, and family are ready for them to be home, nearly as much as we are. :) I'm becoming a broken record responding to that question. I know my blogging absence is a part of the reason.

  • What are you waiting on? We are waiting to be assigned our US Embassy date!
  • What are "they" doing during this time?
    Applying for Judah and Addise's Birth Certificates :: ~ a couple weeks after passing court. It's now been 3 weeks for us, and they still don't have their birth certificates. I've been praying all weekend that they'd have them TOMORROW!
    Ethiopian Passports :: ~3 or 4 days processing time.
    Embassy Physicals :: this is to double check some tests and do a TB test.
    Once all the above documents are ready, they have to be submitted to the Embassy on one of our Tuesdays that our agency have appointments AND at least 2 weeks in advance of when we will travel. Therefore, the average time between court and Embassy appointment is about 6-8 weeks.
  • When's the earliest you could travel? We found out this week that we did NOT get the 12/14 Embassy date. Definitely a disappointment. But there's still a chance that we could get the next date, 12/28 [this is 7 weeks after we passed court!]. If we don't get that Embassy date, the next one isn't until 1/12. That's truly unacceptable to me. That will be 2 months after we passed court. Ugh. Knowing they are growing up without us is heartbreaking.
PLEASE pray with us for that 12/28 Embassy date.
If we get that date, we will most likely leave for Ethiopia on Christmas morning.
The best Christmas gift ever!

Trusting. Hoping. Praying. Attempting to Surrender...

[some of the first photos we received of Judah and Addise!]


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