Communication Photo Album

One of my adoptive mommy friends gave me a great idea to help Judah transition. Since he's learning Amharic right now, but we don't know any, pictures are a great way to help him communicate. I thought this was such a great idea!! Thanks Tona!!!

You can use the pictures as a "vocabulary time" and start teaching him some English words as you point to the items in the pictures. It might be fun to have you and Brian in as many of the pics as you can [ex: you sitting on his bed, Brian sitting at the table].

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  • Your cars [inside and out]
  • The outside of your house
  • His bed
  • His bathroom
  • Your kitchen table with food on it
  • Your refrigerator with door open so he can see the food =)
  • Your living room
  • Food pictures of things he might eat or see at your house
  • Toys that are waiting on him at home; If you are taking him a toy or cuddly then have it in the picture of his toys and then you can show it to him in the pic
  • Airplane pictures [inside and out]
  • The people you think he may see with in the first few days home [just call them "friends" so he does not have too many names]
  • Pictures of you guys together from your 1st trip
  • Pictures of animals, if you have them

Hopefully this is helpful for other adoptive parents who are preparing to travel. Feel free to share! There are "share" buttons at the bottom of this post.


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