Grow Youth Ministry Curriculum and Strategy!! GET IT.

If you're in youth ministry and constantly trying to figure out teaching curriculum -- and all the goodies that make the curriculum work for you -- you've got to check out the Grow Youth Ministry Curriculum and Strategy resource. It's brand new from the genius work of my dear friends, Kenny and Elle Campbell at Stuff You Can Use.

It's seriously everything you need for your students, volunteers, and parents. It's great Kingdom content, super user friendly, and really fun!

The team who contributed to this is the most diverse - racially, ethnically, and gender - that I've EVER seen. That alone makes this curriculum and strategy worth purchasing!!! 

I'm super stoked and honored to contribute to this brand new resource. I wrote the series on justice and I was thinking about you and your students the entire time I wrote these 4 adaptable messages. As a youth pastor at heart, I LOVE it when there are solid resources available at a good cost. And this curriculum is. 

Check it out. I don't think you'll be disappointed. (ummmmm...and if you are, they offer a 200% guarantee. Love these peeps!)