Little Moments in October

This month has been filled with little moments with our kiddos. Moments I'll likely forget by winter but want to remember long after they go to school. Here are a few snapshots that capture the essence of our two Ethiopian beauties...
Football Saturdays: our kids are dressed in their Illini gear and enjoying a little Disney movie time while the grown-ups watch football!

Judah loves playing with bubbles. Not so much blowing them but spilling them everywhere. Focused. Detail-oriented. Specific. This is Judah. Those shoes he calls "foofa shoes" because they remind him of "Yo Gabba Gabba".

Typical Addise: silly, overly expressive, sticking her booty out, open-mouth smile.

She's started folding her hands. I don't understand why but she makes me laugh!

After his nap, Judah likes to tuck in Big Toe for his nap. Judah is the sweetest boy!

Bath bubbles are a daily favorite. "Judah help you" is one of his most used new phrases!

Her curls are multiplying as does her bath time exuberance.

This little guy begins and ends his day reading. This is a fairy tale book "gamm-ma" bought for him.

This lasts about 14 seconds. Here she's learning Spanish and English. She's been laying on her belly a lot these days and it makes me chuckle.

20 months old at her 18 month doctor appointment.  She's 31 lbs [95%] and 34" [92%]. She's our giant beast.

Mommy-Daughter grocery run. Yes, I'm feeding her lunch at the store. Totally ghetto but she loved the string cheese we eventually purchased and the deli meat. Those stickers on her dress are from braving her 2 immunizations that day.

Wide-eyed wonder at a birthday party with balloons. It was Judah's first time at a bounce house and he happily played forever.

Even in the hard days, these are the days I want to remember. 

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