Little Things I Want to Remember: Addise.

The days pass too slowly sometime and turbo speed others. I fear forgetting all the things that makes Addise who she is today at 19 months. Here are some of my most favorite things these days about my mini-me...


She really does loves her peas,
but she's drama for this mama!
  • In the past week she has started exclaiming"MINE!" and a sweet"thank you" in the right contexts [she exclaims everything, really]. A blessing and a curse, not in that order.
  • She has a temper in the making [read: character development needed!]. When Addise gets mad, she turns into the Hulk. Her rage starts deep within, building until she screams/growls, shakes all spare appendages, and may even throw whatever object is in her hand or within her grasp. The rest of us run for cover and pray for God to intervene.
  • She runs like Frankenstein with locked knees, swinging her legs back and forth at a mach speed that'll get her in trouble if she trips.
  • At 19 months Addise still only has 6 teeth - her front 4 and 2 top molars. I often ask her where her teeth are, and she proudly points to the half dozen she's cut.
  • She's an Illini fan. Just like a Getz!

    Addise can regularly be found running through our house giggling hysterically...with her eyes closed! She finds it quite exhilarating to see how far she can get running blindly. As you can imagine, these adventures can end in tears.

  • Addise would rather kiss her daddy any day over me. She's in love with him. I understand why.
  • She's recently discovered that her eyes and eyebrows together make a 100 more expressions than she previously realized. She uses this charm to her advantage by making us laugh all the more. 
  • Testing her boundaries is what she does best. She looks over her shoulder countless times a day to see if we'll notice her getting shoes out of the shoe basket or stealing Judah's water for a drink. Madness.
  • Every day when I get home from work, Addise runs toward the door - Frankenstein style - squealing with delight. She nearly shimmies up my leg to get a few cuddles in.
There are too many reasons I love this picture. Time for bigger PJs?!?
I never want to forget those thighs!!!

It's not all fun and games at the Diaz Casa [did you read my recent post?!]. This was after a L.O.N.G afternoon of errands. I think they communicated their emotions efficiently.


April L. Diaz

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